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Frequently Asked Question

Yes. Life coaching results are measurable and different methods are used to measure them. You will be shown changes in your life.

Not necessarily. However, we do use different assessment tools as required and as per the consent of clients.

It depends of different individuals. However, in general it takes 4-6 sessions.

Not exactly. You can discuss in the beginning. It depends on your concerns/ issues. It can be session based or total packages.

This is for all. Solutions are different for different people as per their potential, and experiences.

We don't give medical prescriptions; however, we can refer you, in case you need such support.

No. you can book first free session of 10 minutes through website.

We conduct both ways. However, impact is more through personal meeting.

Very much. You may be knowing each other. But now entering in new relationship, it is recommended.

Not exactly. There are various packages available, including annual package. You can choose any package which suits you.

No. relationship includes spouse, kids, siblings, parents, colleagues, society, etc.

We deal all aspects as required, like life, relationship, marriage, match making, career, pending karma, life fulfilment, etc

Yes. In Astro guidance, we see chart and guide the clients about his future path, while in Astro coaching, we use astrology for assessment and treat the problem with coaching methods.

Yes. We do have different assessment services. Please visit assessment section or fix up 10-minute appointment.

Yes. We do provide services on weekend and in evening hours, without any extra charges. Please mention it while fixing appointment.

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