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With changing technologies, global perspectives of living, and a dynamic workplace, life has become complicated and less monotonous than it has been in the past. These changes have added complexities to life. India also has witnessed some important changes such as urbanization, nuclear families, and breaking the barrier of caste, communities & culture in relationships in the last two decades. Most of the jobs in the private sector enforced the westernization of thought processes and weakened social pressure and commitments.

All these changes have manifested in form of ever-increasing unhappiness in life, suicide cases, divorce rates, and loneliness. Most of the problems have come due to the inclination toward the west which is very different from us culturally. We need to look for solutions by keeping in mind how western countries are dealing with them but with the wisdom of Indian Vedic knowledge.

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A happy married life, a successful career, and a fulfilling life. These all are interrelated aspects of life and it will not be appropriate to deal with one without touching the another. To address these fast-emerging issues together, we need to serve people with marriage, relationship, and career guidance with the support of Powerful coaching backed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Astrology guidance. Art of the life is a single platform that brings all these support services together and makes your life happy and fulfilling. As your issues may be crisscrossing in the above area, you need to get a solution in one place and with one expert.

We all are different as human beings and so are our problems, ecology, backgrounds, and journey. Therefore, there cannot be just one solution to all problems or there cannot be one way of life. Each one of you has to work towards your own Art of the Life for a successful, happy, and fulfilling journey. We, at Art of the life, are there to assist you in your journey with our ICF Certified Coaches, which are trained in NLP as well as in Astrology Guidance.

Art of the Life is the true representation of Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy, Psychology, and Indian Vedic Science.

Our coaching team at art of the life is led Dr V K Sharma, who have over three decades of experience in public life. Dr Sharma has master degrees in Chemistry, Psychology and Management. He has done doctorate in management and Post Graduate diploma in Psychological Counselling. He is ICF Certified PCC (Professional Certified Coach), NLP Master practioner, certified Advance Life Coach.

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